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Fixes for Dodge Journey 2009 - 2010 (JC)

Vehicle:  All vehicles. (JK)(ZJ)(CS)(JC)(TJ)(XJ)(PT)(KJ)(KK)(KA)(AN)(ND)(DR)(DS)(WJ)(WK)(XK)(LX)(LH)(FJ)(JR)(JS)(RT)(RS)(NS)

Concern:  The MIL (check engine light) is on. The scan tool reveals DTC P0601 PCM internal controller failure.

Cause:  The PCM (engine computer) has an internal fault.

Resolution:  Replace the PCM to correct.

Details:  This is an easy diagnosis. When P0601 is present, the solution is always to replace the PCM. There is no other possible cause. Normally the vehicle is still driveable.


Vehicle:  All Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles. (JK)(ZJ)(CS)(JC)(TJ)(XJ)(PT)(KJ)(KK)(KA)(AN)(ND)(DR)(DS)(WJ)(WK)(XK)(LX)(LH)(FJ)(JR)(JS)(RT)(RS)(NS)

Concern:  Alternator failure. The alternator (generator) is not charging. Electrical problems.

Cause:  -

Resolution:  Hold on for a minute. Alternator failures are extremely rare on Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. You need to rule out the battery, wiring, and PCM first before replacing the alternator.

Details:  The alternator is controlled by the PCM (engine computer). Again, true alternator failure is very rare. In ten years as a dealer service dept tech, I have replaced maybe five alternators.


Vehicle:  2009 (JC) Dodge Journey

Concern:  Front power windows are inoperative. Power locks are inoperative. Scan tool module scan reveals no communication from the left front door control module. All other modules are communicating. All other modules have logged a no communication DTC against the driver door module.

Cause:  Left front door control module has failed.

Resolution:  Check the module power, ground, and bus communication wires. If OK, replace the module.

Details:  The left front door control module is attached to the left front door with 2 screws. Remove the door panel to access. Many times, a battery disconnect will get the module working again, though it may be temporary. It was unsuccessful in this case.


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