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Fixes for Dodge Caravan 2001 - 2007 (RS)

Vehicle:  2005 (approx) (RS) Chrysler Corp. minivans (Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Caravan)

Concern:  Power locks are inoperative. Power locks do not operate from the switches on the door panels. Power locks do not operate from remote fob.

Cause:  Software error in BCM (body control module)

Resolution:  Disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes, then reconnect and retest for power lock operation. If the power locks are now functional, have your dealer service dept reprogram/update (flash program) the BCM.

Details:  -


Vehicle:  All vehicles (TJ) (WJ) (RS) (XK) (WK) (RS)

Concern:  Loud noise/vibration from interior fan (for A/C heat)(HVAC) especially when on high speed, usually speed 3 or 4.

Cause:  HVAC fan (blower motor) is out of balance. Usually caused by fan sucking in leaves or other debris.

Resolution:  Remove the blower motor and inspect/clean the fan blade (squirrel cage type). Normally the blower motor is located under the passenger side dash. Most are easy to remove, held in with 3 screws, either Phillps or T20 torx.

Details:  -


Vehicle:  All vehicles (ZJ) (LX) (XJ) (RS)

Concern:  No start. Engine cranks but does not start. Most likely the engine died while driving. The fuel gauge shows 1/8 of a tank.

Cause:  The fuel tank is totally empty. The fuel level sending unit is failing.

Resolution:  Replace the fuel level sending unit, or the entire fuel pump assembly. Add fuel.

Details:  Always start with the basics.


Vehicle:  All (CS) Chrysler Pacificas and (RS) minivans (without electronic throttle).

Concern:  Gas pedal is 'sticking', feels like it is 'popping' or hard to press.

Cause:  Carbon build-up in the throttle body is causing the throttle blade to stick.

Resolution:  Clean the throttle body with carb spray and an old toothbrush.

Details:  -


Vehicle:  This particular case was a 2003 (RS) Chrysler Town & Country minivan with 3.8L engine. Appplies to most vehicles also.

Concern:  MIL (check engine light) is on. Engine runs poorly. Engine is misfiring. Power loss. Scan tool reveals DTC P0203 (fuel injector #3 control circuit) and DTC P0204 (fuel injector #4 control circuit).

Cause:  Wiring to fuel injectors was damaged: wires were bare and shorting out aginst each other.

Resolution:  Repair wiring and replace the PCM (engine computer).

Details:  There is a 10-pin connector near the ignition coil pack that connects the engine wiring main harness to the fuel injector harness. Examine the wiring carefully: remove the conduit around the wiring to check. Removing the wiper module will improve access. The short circuit was sending battery voltage back to the PCM which fried the injector drivers inside the PCM.


Vehicle:  2001-2007 (RS) Chrysler Town & Country 2001-2007 Dodge Caravan (with power sliding doors)

Concern:  Power sliding door stops operating. The door will open about 12 inches and stop. The door will close most of the way and stop. Door works normally when opened or closed manually.

Cause:  Open circuit in the wiring that goes from the body to the door. Usually the ground wire is broken. The wiring harness looks like a motorcycle chain but is plastic.

Resolution:  Replace the wiring harness from body to door to correct.

Details:  When the chain bends at a certain point, the ground wire opens. Easy to replace.


Vehicle:  2001-2007 (RS) Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Concern:  The MIL (check engine light) is on. Scan tool reveals DTC P0455 large leak detected, P0442 medium leak detected, P0456 small leak detected. May have one, two, or all of these DTCs.

Cause:  Evaporative system has a leak.

Resolution:  Check for the most common leaks first: 1) The hoses going to the charcoal canister (under vehicle, near fuel tank) 2) The hoses next to the air filter box, to the purge solenoid. Remove the entire air filter box to get a good look. Examine carefully for split/cracked hoses. Replace as needed. 3) The purge solenoid is a common problem. It sometimes will have an internal leak. 4) Always consider the gas cap. Make sure it is tight.

Details:  If no obvious problems are found, an EVAP smoke/air machine may be needed to diagnose.


Vehicle:  2001-2007 (RS) Chrysler Town & Country minivans with digital automatic A/C system. 2001-2007 (RS) Dodge Caravan minivans with digital automatic A/C system.

Concern:  The A/C blower runs at full speed (high) at all times when the key is on. The A/C blower is speed will not adjust with the fan speed knob.

Cause:  The blower control resistor has failed.

Resolution:  Replace the blower control resistor.

Details:  Remove glove box door to access.


Vehicle:  All vehicles. (JK)(ZJ)(CS)(JC)(TJ)(XJ)(PT)(KJ)(KK)(KA)(AN)(ND)(DR)(DS)(WJ)(WK)(XK)(LX)(LH)(FJ)(JR)(JS)(RT)(RS)(NS)

Concern:  The MIL (check engine light) is on. The scan tool reveals DTC P0601 PCM internal controller failure.

Cause:  The PCM (engine computer) has an internal fault.

Resolution:  Replace the PCM to correct.

Details:  This is an easy diagnosis. When P0601 is present, the solution is always to replace the PCM. There is no other possible cause. Normally the vehicle is still driveable.


Vehicle:  All Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles. (JK)(ZJ)(CS)(JC)(TJ)(XJ)(PT)(KJ)(KK)(KA)(AN)(ND)(DR)(DS)(WJ)(WK)(XK)(LX)(LH)(FJ)(JR)(JS)(RT)(RS)(NS)

Concern:  Alternator failure. The alternator (generator) is not charging. Electrical problems.

Cause:  -

Resolution:  Hold on for a minute. Alternator failures are extremely rare on Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. You need to rule out the battery, wiring, and PCM first before replacing the alternator.

Details:  The alternator is controlled by the PCM (engine computer). Again, true alternator failure is very rare. In ten years as a dealer service dept tech, I have replaced maybe five alternators.


Vehicle:  2002-2007 (RS) Chrysler Town & Country, 2002-2007 (RS) Dodge Caravan (equipped with rear A/C and automatic digital temperature control)

Concern:  Rear climate control system blows hot air only. No cool air from rear vents. Scan tool reveals a fault code for the rear blend door.

Cause:  Internal fault in the front A/C control head.

Resolution:  Replaced the front A/C control head to correct.

Details:  -


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